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opportunity. that is it for tonight. thank you for joining us. do not forget to dpr the show. have a great night. >> good evening it is clear tonight the obama administration rewrote intelligence assessments about the attacks on the diplomatic post in a bid gauzy with the murder of christopher stevens and three other americans. the rewrites and revision was due substantively distort about the truth of what happened and who was involved in the attacks. newly released female puts victoria space and directly at the center of the controversy who called for the alteration of the now susan rice slavish benghazi
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talking points and why and white house responded to the charges with a series of denials of the contentious press briefing today. also with the internal revenue service issued a highly unusual and troubling confession an apology not only a further embarrassment to this white house but will result in more congressional investigations of the obama administration conduct and political a station of the government. new reports today showed the highly specific intelligence that might have thwarted the boston marathon bombings were ignored by federal and agencies and tear on fox business network is real-estate day i am joined by the chairman and ceo of one of the biggest names in the business to give us his take of the housing recovery and how to do drive growth
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in the real-estate sector. we begin with more revelations of the benghazi attack in a white hot -- warehouse withholding information from the public. abc news reports the talking points provided touse susan rice for hurt talk show appearances were edited plotinus to omit information that could prompt criticism of the state department and e-mail sent from former spokesperson victoria space and said they were made for purely political reasons. she objected to this cia references to al qaeda groups as well as cia warnings about terrorist threats in the months preceding the september 11th attack. one e-mail said "the early cia draft could be abused by members of congress ought to be dip the state department for those were not paying
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attention to warnings so why would we want to be that? >> and those references were scrubbed she noted the changes did not resolve all of my issues of the building leadership. that being of course, secretary of state hillary clinton. "the weekly standard" steve it pays one negative stephen hays that petraeus was shocked when he reread the talking points as the original c.i.a. assessment was blocked to call it an attack from islamic extremists with ties to al qaeda. jay kearney today responded to the new revelations of a lengthy and testy press briefing where he continuously tried to point* the finger away from president obama. >> it was the state department. >> this process everybody is
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unequal players said ever buddies concerns have to be listened to and taken into account but these were intelligence community talking points, can i finish? that the intelligence community have stews sign-off that is their view of what they knew at that time. lou: that e-mail's and petraeus reaction shows j. carney statements are not true and as the scandal shines brighter on secretary of state hillary clinton it appears to be moving in close proximity to the white house itself and the focus tonight on libya the security situation is deteriorating with the potential for conflict rising and that potential cahan conflict inspired by al qaeda wing radicals and the state department issued
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a travel warning in the region and in addition put our military on alert to respond to any threats should they arise a specialized marine unit based in spain is being repositioned closer to libya. in this vessel operations unit has then placed on alert. and stephen hays to first broke the news of the revision to the benghazi talking points and leading the story on this scandal. the revision 12 times, give us your assessment, evaluation of jay kearney who for the first time in my recent memory had to deal with the dogged white house press corps today. >> this was a very, very difficult press briefing for
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him because it is a cumulation of eight months' worth of highly misleading or outright untruths things that he said from the podium not just him but even the president of the united states and hillary clinton said things that don't add up and senior state department officials sought better not to true or meant to mislead and this is their problem and he felt it today. lou: abc reporting the words that were taken and stripped from the intelligence assessment of rica but those up those stripped out from one part of the administration are the intelligence department did we say those were referring to islamic extremists comedy hottest? with links to al qaeda and
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the references to previous surveillance conducted by the terrorist to attacked the ben gauzy diplomatic post. >> this is the first time, the first week we have seen benghazi rise to the level of a major national story and as we discussed it's about time. and people like stephen hays and fox news that kept pursuing the story despite being told this was an exercise of partisanship. but now we have legitimate questions with two sets of conflicting accounts and two parallel universe that need to be reconciled but we finally will get the truth we hope. lou: but from your reporting at the standard this is the essence with the reporting
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it is clear that senior ed ministration officials engaged in the wholesale rewriting of intelligence assessments about benghazi in order to mislead the public does it matter if that effort as was discussed today in the briefing room or a direction that came from the white house whether the national security council or others or between presidential visors? is that relevant? >> i think it is. to back up you know, me well enough to know i don't make charges like that unless i take the abundant evidence to back them up and i don't charge people with flying a message is clear that they are. that is what is happening here. to look at the way that jay kearney in this press briefing today asked about
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his repeated claim that the white house on the maiden one silas to change to the talking points when we have seen in graphic demonstrations that the talking points that went in one day can mount an entirely different in the other what he's doing is playing to to say that white house people literally at the white house may have all been made one change. that isn't the issue but if administration officials, policymakers, push the cia to rewrite intelligence assessments as they crafted the story for the country in the evidence is clear that it did. >> and wanted no one was the role of the president and hillary clinton if any in the drafting? i think now the american people need to know and deserve an answer and how the administration characterizes it. lou: we just received word tonight that be senate foreign relations committee
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committee, the republicans have called for an investigation of this issue. this is the beginning of something very important to the american people a clear understanding from our government as to what happened and why ian benghazi, the games played in the white house briefing room today are not a substitute for the truth or respected regard for the public's right to know in this constitutional republic stephen hayes, a terrific reporting, judy miller, thank you. while the white house press corps took the press secretary to a task today, unusual, though liberal national media has been slow to report the damaging benghazi deeails. more than 90 minutes after jay carney finished his growing national news organizations to be generous and charitable were slow to
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update their web sites. the lead story for the new york times, a carbon dioxide at the highest level in human history. nbc news' top story, bombing suspect finally buried in virginia. cbs news, fbi no human remains among cleveland evidence. the only fox news and cnn had the benghazi developments at the top of their website treating it as the top story of the day. turning to the boston marathon an attack within newly uncovered intelligence threat showing to be awhile alarmingly actor in the warnings. the 18th page report released five days before the boston bombing's warned that the races finish line was a'' area of increasedd3 molnar ability''.
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it went on to war and terrorist may try to unleash '' mack small-scale bombings'' during that race. and also no credible information showing an imminent threat of a then the fact it was five days away and it had specific geographical locales information. the report was written by the boston regional intelligence center funded by department of common security that tries to help disseminate information to local authorities. and a bombshell admission from the ira's today. if mr. -- that it had wrongly flied conservative groups for additional irs review because of the political and its theological positions. occurring during last year's election to see if they were in violation of the tax-exempt status.
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tea party leaders are refusing to accept the apology and in fact, said tea party patriots organization said the revelation is called matt disturbing, illegal and averages abuse of government power. both the irs prospector and general and the house of representatives say they will be investigating. the latest crop is so woman and bad idea why more than half of them want to repeal the of president's signature health care program. it is a real-estate day to day one of the most influential men is richard smith, we talk real estate next. the capital one cash rewards card
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when. lou: it has ben and israel stayed day and one of the most influential names richard smith chairman and ceo of realogy the parent company of century 21 and coldwell banker but look at what happened today the dow up 36 points closing at the 18th record of the year. the s&p up seven points boasting a 12 record and the nasdaq up 27 points doing pretty well by a since november 2007 and that has been a strong week overall. the dow was up 1% in nasdaq is up and the s&p up 2% and ben bernanke speaking at a chicago fed conference
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saying the fed is stepping up the monitoring of the too big to fail banks that continue to threaten economic stability and the wall street journal reporting at this hour that the fed has mapped out the exit plan from the bond purchase program to reduce purchases with varying purchases of the job market and it is unclear if that means six point* 5% unemployment is the operative rate that is the benchmark for action. in the commodity markets goldas down $30 an ounce falling $0.35 gain overall and finishing at $96 a barrel. in the bond market the treasury is selling off with the yield soaring down 1.9% o% the highest in a month and a half. now bullish on the recovery
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of the long-term prospects for housing joining us now is richard smith the chairman and ceo of realogy when including gold will banker and century 21 and others. good to see you. starting with housing, the news continues is positive but yet we see a lot of attention that it is overcooked and cannot sustain. >> it should be bullish the news is evidence of that. we just went through the asset correction not just a downturn of literally housing prices reset so now we're in the recovery stage. it took seven years it will not recover overnight it should be a long duration recovery but clearly, we're not bullish in that regard of the second quarter of
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last year but we were of the third and fourth quarter because we saw a sustainable price increases and demand is outstripping supply and they are reacting to that. lou: we hear there isn't sufficient inventory. what does that mean? >> first quarter is never the quarter to judge that is always the worst quarter second and third is the best one the most activity ochers but inventory is up 9% since january so it is doing what it should be doing in coming back and builders are building and under water equity homes are no longer under equity or a high percentage are coming back. and the seasonal swing of business is coming back. inventory will correct more than enough demand to meet that need and price is reacting to that of.
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lou: depressed talks about all sorts of problems and the other is talking about bubbles. we have a diversity of views. what is the reality? do we have abubble building? it is unlikely we are anywhere near the bubble public in this context these underwriting standards were abysmal. lending underwriting standards today are extremely high. the likelihood of a whole class of people defaulting going for word will not happen in the gas fannie and freddie profits. the credit risk is pristine and the likelihood of that bubble created because of underwriting is very unlikely. in. >> fatty and frannie and the word pristine do not go together in my recent experience. [laughter] is good to hear you use that expression.
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also regulators are saying maybe the banks, we have a major problem, the principal regulator of commercial banks saying we have a problem, what is your reaction? >> what is holding back from mortgage finance is principally because of government regulations are not supportive of creating a private market so until they resolve the final regulations underdog frank they will wind to the high as possible underwriting standards so the credit scores 100 points higher than it should be so define what qualifies residential mortgage means underdog frank finlanders will be more realistic and we are off to the races. but that said we're doing quite well with these
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difficult underwriting standards. lou: with all that is going on to talk about government regulation i should have said at the outset i am also an investor in realogy stock and i want everyone to be aware of that. thank you and continued success. a quick programming note. we have some great authors joining us this story and rick atkinson talks about his long awaited conclusion to the extraordinary world war ii a trilogy and colonel peters with his latest novel and i recommend their books to you and you don't want to miss out of the talks. the president pushes obamacare to win and young adults and i will show you why that is a bad political
7:24 pm
idea in the "chalk talk" and i will talk about other demographic groups that may interest the president as well. stay with us.
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lou: the spin axis the supreme court upheld a law under the constitution. [applause] and by the way six months ago the american people went to the polls and decided to keep going in this direction so the law is here to stay. [applause] lou: so says the president and thank you mr. president for telling us everything is fine and dandy with obamacare and nothing to worry about here. listen to his props as they applied behind him. the president typically uses
7:28 pm
props but today he is when in this year he has used denver police, children, newtown victim families to push gun control what is the purpose? to make you think everyone is solidly behind the president's agenda but that is not true. a recent fox news poll on the issues says 51 percent of women want obamacare repealed. is a trade roethke as senator max baucus plug it and 51 per cent compares to 43 percent who want to keep if you look at the overall percentage of those who want to repeal obamacare if we include men is 54 percent who want it repealed and that is the truth and it is hard to find props for the president but we're guessing
7:29 pm
the white house is aware of the fact but how could do not win the top democratic senator is afraid the implementation will be a train wreck? the essential tenets of obamacare putting people in state based exchequer -- insurance exchange's opening october 1st but the state's a month and the federal government has to run completely that would be 33 of those exchanges. but just 17 of the 50 states they would be a running their own. united health the nation's largest insurer will enjoy -- will have no more than 25 exchanges or as few as 10. and coverage for people with major pre-existing
7:30 pm
conditions putting $5 billion out there for people that took care of 100,000 people and they run out of money. if they want to enroll, 375,000 people and this is just the beginning of a deeply troubled and flawed program. only 100,000 people signed up because that is all the money they had and the receptionist so awful the administration signed a $20 million public relations campaign to convince people they want obamacare and also have awarded to more puerto rico contracts at $10 million if you think about this, $30 million to convince people they want
7:31 pm
obamacare and it is free no wonder house republicans are planning this 37 vote next week to repeal obamacare. i think we're getting the idea they don't like it. and that effort is going nowhere right now that aside the only difference between the president's first term and second term is he is still selling hard but very few people seem to be buying. the benghazi talking points and the paper trail is getting closer and aaron next guest on the political fallout. cease and desist. gunmaker slapped with a new government demand and he is here next. >> guilty. sensational cases dominating the headlines and the
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cleveland kidnappings and "dobb's law" reviews the cases.
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and download our free leox mobile app. lennox. innovation never felt so good. >> breaking news massachusetts investigators have mounting evidence from tying to the boston bombing suspects to a triple homicide in 2011 saying it is still too early to consider indicting dzhokar tsarnaev but they have hits that links the brothers to the crimes for the three men who were killed, one was roommates with tamerlan tsarnaev and found with a throat slit and bodies covered with marijuana. that prompted a series that tamerlan tsarnaev was angry that his younger brother was smoking pot with the victims'. joining us now is former
7:36 pm
federal prosecutor, thank you for being here. is the idea that the two brothers are linked to a previous, sidewheel -- homicides sitting in a criminal court being tried as the enemy combat and where is it going? >> u.s. and yesterday i said it will be harder to get the death penalty than you think that we don't think he deserves it that now with his possible role there is a paradigm shift now he is looking at execution which is what he deserves. >> they're not looked at as suspects. they had criminal records there was another reason to focus but after the bombing yoo have to go back to pc connection to the horrible crime then all of a sudden
7:37 pm
one of these word tamerlan tsarnaev roommate? let's see what is going on because then obviously didn't have a problem taking people's lives. >> the evidence is so compelling against dzhokar tsarnaev it feels peculiar to say suspect when it is pretty clear who he is and what he did. another appalling story amanda a very and michelle night and gene and delaware jesus held for a decade in the castro house they are considering aggravated murder charges and there should be a tremendous penalty for what this man has done. what is the likelihood there will be significant punishment for what they are
7:38 pm
alleged to be committed. >> i think he will be very aggressive if you kidnap and repeated the rape and torture children you should be eligible for the death penalty. >> i agree. lou: that was once the case. >> in ohio he is eligible now because as prosecutor can prosecute for causing the miscarriage of one of the children it is a tough case but the facts cried out and good lawyers went tough cases he does need a medical expert when you start a pregnant woman and beat her stomach to cause a miscarriage that is murder punishable by death and exactly what he deserves. >> you have to have the victims on the witness stand she will have to just testify and describe what
7:39 pm
has happened in the theater to women witness they have to testify as well. that is something without them going for with the aggravated murder we would not have the trial but now. >> but it is a balance. this crime was so horrific that it calls for him to be executed. lou: go to lou to the facebook page he greeted the world's first internet 3-d printable gun and fired live ammunition with and now a federal government has shut him down. cody wilson returns tuesday show to talk about what happens next.
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lou: the state department defense trade control agency i mean the defense trade agency defending its decision to order the removal of blueprints for the 3-d printable gun that it is central to national security bill liberator is the name of the gun and a co-founder cody will send a good to have you with us you have to be tremendously disappointed you were ordered to take down your blueprints. what are your emotions in the wake of the order? >> thank you for having me back. i am worried about moving to quickly back in force but i
7:44 pm
am wondering what regulations they might take. i don't know. lou: you fired live ammunition, this is an extraordinary event that you created a gun from the internet with a three-pointer -- 3-d printer what is the reaction to the shutdown did you think it was the compliance agency of the state department to shut you own? >> actually we are aware of the regulations in my dunt operation is registered i didn't think it was likely to be an argument because i that we were publishing in to public domain files but this may not be a strong enough argument for that organization so we will have to play carefully.
7:45 pm
lou: but 100,000 times people downloaded the blueprint. how do you put that genie back in the bottle? >> i don't think that you do it isn't fair that the organization claims control of technical data in the age where the technology suggest there issno longer any meaningful control the providers have heavy penalties if they are violating it. lou: you describe yourself as the anarchist i tried to bring you in as a left-wing may be right wing or libertarian and you bought none of that so how do you go along with what the government tells you to do? i have the vision of the anarchist standing with a black flag on top of the
7:46 pm
rocks. is that how you feel? >>. [laughter] that is a strategy. one could be to not play along but i am concerned of the future of the 3-d printer and i don't want to selfishly regulate and effective regulation of other people's work so i will try to pick the most careful strategy possible to mitigate the damage from what is happening. lou: you may be the most considerate and compliant anarchist in modern history and i have to tell you it makes you all the more intriguing as a personality. i am concerned or curious what you think of individual freedom of the traditional psittacine, values, all of the constitution that our heritage makes that how you
7:47 pm
rationalize that with the republic of hours? >> we have the strain of tradition ever since the row and some of the great writers, schooner, those who are in the american tradition and we should revisit and -- the anarchic past and revisit the lessons lou: i will take you up on david thoreau and we will share with the audience a number of quotes that may suggest there has been a stream of anarchist but we are delighted to have you with us. your interesting to talk about we will talk about perot and the role of individual in modern american times. you can catch more of our conversation with him tomorrow morning it 10:00 a.m. on fox business
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network. up next, next week former defense secretary ron spelled, cody, what chad and jeremy and congressman wall been among our guests and the irs makes a rare admission that could spell big trouble for the obama administration. as if it does not have enough. the "a team" join us next. capid to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. doue miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? win!
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lou: i want to update on breaking news of wall street journal is reporting charges by unnamed officials that the boston marathon bombings russia provided information
7:52 pm
to intelligence agencies and specifically the fbi and cia and others these officials are saying russia was key with information with that informative exchange to warning the united states. there is another possibility that unnamed officials are trying to protect various agencies that did not respond to those warnings. joining us now is the "a team." said rollins and senior adviser to clinton and richard, good to have you with us. it is a lighthouse that is caught in a lie with benghazi of front caught using the irs as a political weaaon for which the irs director was kind enough to apologize.
7:53 pm
this is and the administration digging holes for itself. >> i don't think they have been caught in a lie with benghazi but there are serious issues why the schematic with security at when the attack occurred and there was a report that answers some of the questions or may be others raised by the hearings but i don't think anybody has been caught in know why but the irs was run by the appointees of george of the bush and it was a deplorable action but there is no suggestion that the president or any political appointees had anything to do with that. we will no doubt get to the bottom and nothing like that should never have been it is deplorable been no suggestion that anybody knew anything about it. lou: is that a sufficient defense?
7:54 pm
>> not to me and groups were hollering throughout the election they were being called out 57 you just learned it was george bush's fault. [laughter] >> to say today that it was the low level in cincinnati it is not low level you need more than the apology but heads to spill and the irs accused citizens both republican and democratic administration it is not possible today. >> i completely agree that is a reasonable statement. we have to get to the bottom of this and it should be inappropriate investigation and whoever is responsible should be fired. >> the irs would be the enforcement agency right now they try to figure out to enforce.
7:55 pm
that is all within the irs purveyor and asta to live up to the privacy rules. >> this does not permeate the entire irs i think it was just one division in cincinnati but nobody trusts the irs. lou: i trust them more than i do other parts. >> is run by the appointee of george of the bush -- george w. bush. lou: that sounds like you excuse the conduct because irrespective of who appointed him it is still the obama administration and this may be a shock shock, responsible for the federal government by the way when you look at obamacare you have to wonder if he really wants his name
7:56 pm
on it because it falls to pieces now we have immigration reform. yesterday the senate judiciary committee refused to secure the border and dismiss conservatives amendments. how can this get through? nobody knows how many are under discussion, and nobody knows the cost the range of six point* $3 trillion at 2.5 billion. how is it called rational public policy? >> a bipartisan group of small people to find a solution to a difficult problem. lou: how bipartisan with the boat 10 / eight? >> these sides over the years it is a tough bill. >> 70 votes in the senate
7:57 pm
and the obama administration didn't know anything about anything. thank you very much. that is it for us. have a pleasant weekend. good night. r business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow likeever before, introducing sh flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action
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neil: we are celebrating the deficits come and is not as big as we thought. only in washington. only in washington can they celebrated us a visit that is no longer a trillion dollars. welcome, i am no curto. when it gets down to $700 billion or so, you'd think the you hit the jackpot, sort of like the guy 700 pounds loses

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